The East Twin Swallet Dig
A few pictures over the years of 'progress' in East Twin Swallet

2002    Total images: 5   
Finally it becomes clear how ĎBucketí Dave got his name..!!
18th February 2004    Total images: 3  
Before the council re-directed the stream into the cave we were making good progress.
23rd March 2006    Total images: 11  
Having taken delivery of the scaffolding itís now time to get it down to where itís needed.
5th April 2006    Total images: 2  
Having made a new hole by the squeeze, getting 7m poles through is still proving difficult.
25th April 2007    Total images: 20  
With the Spar Pot dam nearing completion there is still a lot to do below it
9th July 2007    Total images: 3  
During an afternoon / evening dig, Mike makes Tea
20th December 2007  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 21.12.2007
Well it is Christmas and what better way to celebrate